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International Cooperation

International Cooperation

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DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst


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Center for German and European Studies, 
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Internship at HCGES


Zora Piskačová Bachelor Student of History at the Franklin University Switzerland, Intern February - July 2016

In the Second Semester of the Academic Year 2015/2016 I had the honor to do a combined internship program at both, the Haifa Center for German and European Studies (HCGES) and the Bucerius Institute. Set in the picturesque scenery of the city of Haifa, the program consisted of five hours of work each day from Sunday to Thursday and an intensive course in the Hebrew language, which was jointly paid by the two research facilities and served as a form of reimbursement.

The daily tasks consisted of administrative work such as the preparation of education materials for German classes offered by the Center or the creation and distribution of advertising materials for the weekly colloquiums and a number of supplementary events; for instance the Workshop entitled “New Gatekeeper in a Globalized World? The Israeli Transparency Bill,” which focused on legal and political aspects of the work of Israeli NGOs supported from abroad. The main project I have been entrusted with was the organization of the European Market Place—a fair of European Institutions represented in Israel such as the Hungarian Embassy or for example the Konrad Adenauer Foundation—which has taken place in the framework of Europe Day Celebrations at the University of Haifa. I have been in charge of the preparatory communication and later also the logistics and order of the event itself. I have also aided with a research project currently pursued by the Bucerius Instute focusing on a number of Jungian Analysts working with those directly or indirectly affected by the Holocaust, using Analytical Psychology.

The international environment of the office as well as the University Campus offered a number of opportunities for improving my language skills and gaining insight into the many dimensions the Israel and its society seem to possess. My involvement in the research project for Bucerius Institute then enabled me to experience the course of an actual research process and allowed me to test my previously unverified research skills in a field of my interest—Late Modern European History and Jewish History.  Overall, working at the Haifa Center and the Bucerius Institute along with the simple act of living in Israel has been an interesting and at times also challenging and identity-shaping experience that will influence both—my future academic as well as non-academic decisions.


Miriam Lange, B.A. student of Middle East Studies, Ludwig Maximilan University of Munich, Intern 2015 

The opportunity to complete this five months internship at two institutes at the same time created the possibility to get an insight in both of them and therefore to personally profit from both. I enjoyed working with both administrative directors and the staff of the institutes. Everybody was cooperative, helpful and also flexible with arrangements considering for example working hours. At the Haifa Center for German and European Studies the interns had two main tasks: First, the preparation of the weekly lectures and secondly legwork
in administration. I prepared posters to promote the lectures and was also on site for a smooth running of the event. On the other side, I supported in administrative matters: Writing newsletters, contacting clients or  preparing German lessons. At the Bucerius Institute I mostly supported administratively. In addition to that we
also hosted lectures for interesting presentations. It was also possible to assist a scholarship holder of the institute. This part was a real pleasure for me, especially because it wasexactly the field of work I was into in
my studies of Judaism. I got also the opportunity (I unfortunately didn’t tak  it) to present my own work to the public.


Katharina Frese, M.A. student of cultural science at the University of Leipzig, Intern January –March 2015

Haifa is a wonderful place to stay if you want to combine interest in multicultural life and culture project work. As a student of cultural science I did an internship at the HCGES form January until March 2015. I was engaged in the areas of general administration, public relations and event management (conferences, symposia, conferences, etc.). I always made good experience during my internship and I appreciate the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and extend my skills in project management. Especially taking part at the workshops, literature panels and guest lectures gave me the chance to question and rethink German-Israel relations and thereby to develop a better feeling and understanding of live and people in Israel.


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