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Course of Studies

Course of Studies

The MA program in German and European Studies aims to deepen students’ knowledge of Germany, Europe, and the European Union. The program is structured using the “area studies” model and offers a challenging and unique interdisciplinary curriculum that combines many fields of study including economics, law, political science, geography, environmental studies, sociology, history and literature. In addition to the core curriculum, students in the program acquire a strong command of the German language by studying 4-8 language hours per week. The program is available in two tracks: a thesis track and a non-thesis track with exam. Students have the option to complete the program in one or two calendar years.

Track A (Thesis Track): 28 semester hours

Compulsory studies: 26 semester hours

Elective studies: 2 semester hours

Students must complete two seminar papers in the courses defined as lecture/seminar

Track B (Non-Thesis Track with exam): 36 semester hours

Compulsory studies: 26 semester hours

Elective studies: 10 semester hours

Study Tour

The program includes an optional, though highly recommended, study tour to Germany and other European countries. The study tour is built around a chosen theme which changes every year. During the study tour, students visit institutions of the European Union as well as other sites relevant to their studies. The cost of the study tour is not included in the program tuition.

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Study Structure

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